Lisa Morgenstern

Lisa Morgenstern is a German / Bulgarian pianist, singer and composer who has established a reputation for her intensely emotional performance style. The daughter of two orchestral musicians, Lisa was exposed to music from a very young age and displayed a natural affnity towards the piano. As a teenager, she also trained as a professional ballet dancer, something that’s lent a unique elegance and poise to her music. Her debut full length, ‘Amphibian’, was self-released three years ago, and its atmospheric production and dark subject matter earned plaudits for its romanticism, while a follow up EP, ‘Metamorphoses’, pursued a similar aesthetic and saw Lisa touring through Germany and beyond. Nonetheless, her new album, ‘Chameleon’ – recorded in collaboration with renowned Berlin based producer and cellist Sebastian Plano – fnds her taking huge strides and dramatically expanding her range, employing a contemporary approach to electronics and songwriting while embracing her background in classical music.

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photo credit: Miguel Murrieta

bio credit: Wyndham Wallace